The Team!

What started as a one-woman-show has expanded to include a few more fantastic ladies and three awesome guys who are also working part-time, mom and student hours. In addition to Kim, Susan, Dawn, Janet, Grace, Kellie, Cecily, Alex, Oliver, Linda and Gary, we have many companies and sole proprietors that we team up and work closely with on a regular basis.

We have a Handy Man, who is a phenomenal problem solver, a plumbing team that always go above and beyond, and and impressive electrician who is mastered in his profession. We also team up with Flannery’s Handymen and Chris Kennedy Property Services to help with the heavy lifting when we clear out houses, clean up after estate sales, or take care of the actual moving part when we coordinate the move, packing, and unpacking for a client.

We have done many home improvement projects when we prepare houses for the real estate market that requires all of their involvement and specialized skills, from replacing leaky cast iron radiators, to repairing hardwood flooring, removing wall paper, paint and more. Having an extra helping hand with these seasoned professionals ensures our projects run smoothly and seamlessly.

2 thoughts on “The Team!”

  1. Good Morning
    I was hoping to reach out to Mona….recommended by Marty Benson.

    I am looking for a wing chair that is not too deep or large, has wood arms for sturdiness but the arms could be padded. The seat should optimally be around 21″ from the floor. My husband has PD and for now, this type of chair would give him the support he needs. I am assuming that i will need to have it re-upholstered.
    Is it possible to ask that folks keep an eye out for such a chair?
    Thank you and Happy New Year
    Mary Ellen (Mrs. Kraft)

  2. Call the store at 9782242333 and talk to Susan. She will take your information and we will be on the lookout for you

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