Mona Hersey is awesome and incredible ~ !!  This review is 2-3 years long overdue. My Mother’s sister, my Aunt, had passed away a few years prior, and we had her house occupied (rented out) to another family member of ours while deciding what to do with the house and heirlooms, as we live 8 hours away, and my Aunt had a lot of sentimental family heirlooms and many other items packed throughout the house, that needed to be thoroughly sorted out. My Aunt Maureen was wonderful longtime Resident of this charming town Marblehead. My mother and I needed a lot of help in packing up everything, and then staging, and selling the house. Mona is so gracious, kind, compassionate and accommodating. We came from DC to Marblehead for about 3 days, and in that time frame Mona & her crews came out and packed up the whole house, and also she recommended her other crew that was able to pack up and ship all of my Aunt’s delicate heirloom furniture and items to my Mom in DC, and also safely packed up a rented SUV full of items carefully wrapped and packaged for the trek back to DC. Mona and her crews all really know how to take care of people. I wholeheartedly recommend her and her business. I had saved her business card, and I was recently going through old kept business cards, and I need to express my sincerest gratitude for all of the empathy and professionalism she exhibited. Mona delivers a lot of valuable services that make all the difference in the world, and my Mother was very,very pleased with Mona’s & To Do ! Ta Done’s pricing structure, which was very,very fair & reasonable. You get a lot for the prices she charges, and her crews are very pleasant and seem to be very happy doing their job, and helping people organize their homes, which is very hard to do, after a loved one passes away. Our Realtor in Marblehead recommended Mona & To Do, Ta Done, and I very grateful that he did. She made the packing up, the estate sale, and the furniture delivery of heirlooms to DC extremely seamless. If she was located in DC, I would use her services as much as possible. Marblehead and the Boston surrounding area of Massachusetts is lucky to have her. I am most grateful and highly recommend Mona & her nice business, Ta Do! Ta Done!

I know this sounds crazy, but I feel ten years younger. And people tell me I look it too. The worry lines aren’t totally gone, but they have diminished, or at least smoothed out a bit, like my life. Plastic surgery? Yoga? New skin cream? You ask. None of the above. I’ve discovered To Do Ta Done, and I honestly believe this discovery has significantly reduced the stress factor in my life by about 100%.

No more frantic calling around to find someone who can be at my house when the Comcast guy comes, or driving from station to station trying to get the inspection sticker on the car renewed when I should be at work. No more worry over picking up the laundry at the dry cleaners before it closes, or running over to Home Depot when it opens at dawn. No more.

Instead of fretting about how Im going to get something done, like cart home that great coffee table I bought at a yard sale for a steal but wouldn’t fit into my car, now I just pick up my phone and dial Mona. I know I can count on a quick and reasonable solution to whatever the problem is. Having Mona on speed dial sure beats the stress of juggling all these crazy errands that can send your blood pressure sky-rocketing. Now when my friends say something looks different, you look younger, I tell them I’ve found the perfect stress reducer: To Do! Ta Done√

Suzanne Niemeyer, Marblehead

Being a small business owner on the North Shore I constantly found myself overwhelmed with the day to day obligations needed of me to run a successful Sedan Service. Not to mention my personal “chores”; the dog needing walking, the kids needing rides to everywhere, dry cleaning, oil changes, banking, the list goes on & on! When I met Mona of To Do Ta Done, everything changed!

Mona is certainly a “take charge” lady. She has made my life incredibly more organized, less stressful, more pleasant and most importantly, sane. What a find! She is incredibly intelligent and always has great suggestions that help me tremendously in my personal & business life. Your search has ended. You have found the best: To Do Ta Done!

Bruce Block, Owner/Operator Bruce Block Airport Limo & Sedan Service, Marblehead

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  1. I couldn’t have a better company to handle my downsizing and sell my contents for me , I highly recommend Mona and her staff.

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