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Who We Are

Let me please introduce To Do Ta Done LLC. We launched in the fall of 2008. It started as a one woman errand service, assisting others with various tasks related to home management and organization. These tasks over the years have become more complicated and our now ever expanding company has become specialized in transitioning people and dealing with all the things they have accumulated over a life-time. What seems to be the most insurmountable task is easily remedied by the To Do! Ta Done√ team. From staging, cleaning and de-cluttering your home in preparation to go on the market, to packing, coordinating the move and getting you unpacked and settled, to helping liquidate the content of your house to doing the final cleaning before closing. Once you hand us the keys, you don’t have to lift a finger.

Projects can also be completed while you are away from home. We have managed painting projects, floor sanding and had construction done while clients have travelled. When they come back, the house looks fantastic, like nothing ever happened, like a fairy waved a magic wand.

Call for a free no obligation estimate 978-337-2364. No job is too big or too small. Put together a to do list, or call us when you have a project like an attic clean out, or getting ready to move or just need an extra pair of hands to help around the Holidays. Some of our services are, but not limited to: